The Art and Heart of Data Disaggregation

When fundamental issues of student success and equity are at stake, we all share the leadership role of inspiring the will of people to act.

Data can be a powerful tool in the change process. You tell your story with data, going beyond the numbers. You get to the Why – that engages people’s minds and hearts. This is the art and heart of data disaggregation.

The Art is your craft knowledge of data tools combined with your technical skills to use them.

The Heart is the empathy, insight, commitment, passion, and courage you bring to the story.

You tell your story in a way that makes people believe they can become a part of extraordinary, enduring change. The kind of change that means greater success for all our students.


These resources provide you with information and tools to help you find the “pearls” in your data, and then create powerful presentations that tell your story in a way that inspires people to act.

This PowerPoint presentation provides tips for finding and using various sources of data, then outlines leadership strategies for using your data in the change process.

Art and Heart

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This PPT presentation builds on the previous one and provides you with techniques for finding and using sources of data. It then challenges you to “check your biases” in an exercise. It then provides a set of leadership strategies for using data in the change process, and finally offers a case example of how data is used to tell the story.


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This presentation opens with a case study of how a college used data to tell their story with the goal of changing hearts and minds. It then walks you through techniques for Presenting with Passion, and focuses on how to craft your data story.

Story Telling with Data

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