Disaggregation on the Data Mart

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The CCCCO Data Mart is a powerful resource that provides information about colleges, districts, courses, student services, students and staff. Below we provide a tool to identify queries on the Data Mart that contain information about specific characteristics, such as age, gender, or veteran status.

Choose one or more characteristics that you are interested in. The queries that contain those characteristics will be highlighted and link directly to the Data Mart. If no queries are highlighted then the selected characteristics are not available in any one query.

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Data Mart Queries

To disaggregate retention, success, financial aid, and program awards data using these characteristics, you must first click on the "Special Populations/Group" link in either the Retention/Success, Program Awards, or Financial Aid query.

Connected points

This table shows an overview of all Data Mart query options and their results based on characteristics.

Disaggregation on the Data Mart

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