Strategic Enrollment Management

We've tried to implement enrollment management strategies, but our enrollments are flat or even down.
If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many of our colleges are facing the same challenges and wondering how to improve enrollment and student success indicators. With a solid Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) approach in place colleges have a better way in which to address the many enrollment and student success challenges. SEM is a holistic approach that enables the fulfillment of an institution’s mission. Focused on strategically meeting the needs of our community and our students, SEM promotes student success, optimizes enrollment, and ensures the fiscal viability of our colleges.

SEM Program

Participate in a SEM community of practice. Join other colleges in this year-long opportunity to deeply engage in a SEM project. Attend the SEM Academy June 1-2, 2018 and receive resources, tools, and support. Apply today!

Promising Practicies

A dynamic collection of shared practices that provides you the opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate with other SEM practitioners in the spirit of a community of practice.

Foundational Elements

Resource Guides

They are almost here! These guides are on a phased release schedule starting in April 2018.

  • A Roadmap for Strategic Enrollment Management Planning (coming soon)
  • Calculating and Understanding FTES and Productivity (coming soon)
  • Data Tools & Metrics for Strategic Enrollment Management (coming soon)
  • Developing and Managing the Course Schedule (coming soon)
  • High Impact Retention, Persistence & Success Practices for Strategic Enrollment Management (coming soon)
  • Targeted Marketing for Strategic Enrollment Management (coming soon)
  • Understanding CCC Budget and Reporting Part I (F320 Report) (coming soon)
  • Understanding CCC Budget and Reporting Part II (Schedule C, FON and 50% Law) (coming soon)
  • The FTES Digest (coming soon)

Other Tools and Resources

For more information on SEM resources and tools please contact Cathy Hasson, or Michelle Barton