Is the on-campus experience still relevant in the age of learning anytime, anywhere, any means? Is your campus meeting the challenges of this new age of "disruptive innovation"? Connect with leaders from Arizona State University, other institutions, and design firms to discuss how you can create a meaningful campus experience. Walk away with real life examples of what others are doing and learn how you can make changes for your institution.
Arizona State University’s Tempe campus—a campus that has led the way in redefining the New American University—is the perfect place to explore how the physical campus, its buildings, grounds and infrastructure, can be a didactic player in the research, teaching, student learning, making and experience feedback loop. ASU has grown their four traditional campuses, created multiple non-traditional partnerships and invested in the largest online degree granting footprint - talk with the leaders who helped to make the happen! Join your colleagues in Tempe to get inspired, meet new friends, and learn how integrated planning can make a difference on your campus!


Start: July 13 @ 11:00 pm
End: July 18 @ 10:59 pm
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