The Regional Consortia Chair for the Central/Mother Lode region organized three regional training sessions to help stakeholders learn how to use labor market data for decision-making.

The Challenge

The Central/Mother Lode Region reviews labor market data at its quarterly steering committee meetings in order to ensure that its training programs are aligned with labor market trends. However, the Regional Consortia Chair (RCC) found that steering committee members, DSNs, and CTE deans often find the labor market information (LMI) provided by the Centers of Excellence (COE) highly complex, requiring lengthy explanations and analysis in order for the data to be useful in decision making. Further, some deans and DSNs were not aware of the availability of various sources of LMI data. The RCC recognized a need for a better understanding of how the LMI data is obtained and analyzed in order for the information to be useful in decision making.


The RCC and COE decided to organize training sessions on the use of LMI for decision making. Two events were held, in different sections of the region. COE invited consultants from the CA Employment Development Department to make the initial part of the presentation, in order to familiarize participants with the data available through their agency. In the second hour of the training, a COE director led a deep dive into the ways in which LMI is used. Participants were taught how to analyze data in order to connect labor market needs to programs of studies. Attendees also learned about the many ways in which LMI can be analyzed in order to make data-based decisions about college training programs that reflect labor market needs.

Data and Outcomes

40 people participated in the two training events in April 2014. These included deans, counselors, and faculty members, as well as one person from a workforce investment board. It is too early to see how the training sessions might have impacted student outcomes. However, we hope to see increases in student enrollment and completion in areas with high labor market demand. As a result of the training the RCC has heard from steering committee members that they now understand how LMI is obtained and analyzed and that they feel better equipped to utilize LMI to make decisions about training needs. Counselors are also using the LMI data when advising students on career choices. Due to the positive response to the two events, another will be held in the summer 2014 in another section of the region. The RCC also plans to host a follow up (advanced) training, perhaps repeating it in different sections of the region, in 2015.
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Shelly Conner
California Community Colleges Residential Construction Certified, Central/Mother Lode

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