Board of Trustees' Meeting Ground Rules and Code of Conduct

The effectiveness of Trustee Board meetings can depend significantly on trustees’ conduct. Adopting and enforcing a set of ground rules and policy on the Board’s Code of Conduct can help to mitigate behaviors and attitudes that can hamper a Board’s ability to have constructive meetings. The below document lays out a list of suggested items to include in a set of ground rules, as well as some samples of sections to potentially include in a Code of Conduct policy.

The Ventura College Promise Leverages Private Donations to Increase Student Success

The Challenge The Ventura College Promise (VC Promise) was designed to encourage students to enroll in college the fall semester after graduating high school and enable them to attend full-time. Data indicates that these two factors — transitioning directly from high school to college and having at least one semester of full-time experience — significantly increase the likelihood of students succeeding in and completing college. Approach/Strategies VC Promise covers the full costs of tuition, as well as health and student center fees for the first year of up to 1,000 Ventura College students...