The Speakers Directory is drawn primarily from keynote presenters at recent CCC conferences and other events. The Professional Learning Network and Chancellor’s Office are providing the Speakers Directory as an information source only and do not necessarily endorse or recommend the individuals listed below.

President, African American Male Education Network and Development Dr. Foster has been an administrator in the California Community College system for over 15 years. He currently serves as the Vice President of Student Services at Moreno Valley College, providing leadership and direction to the ...Read more
Caterer, Eddie Deen and Company Catering International caterer, adjunct professor, pianist, song writer, and community leader, are all apt descriptions of Eddie Deen, whose intellect, commitment, and generosity serves as a model for those who want to be an instrument of change in the 21st Century. ...Read more
Co-Founder and Leadership Academy Facilitator, Latino Leadership Alliance; Educational Leadership Writer, Vision Magazine Eddie Garcia’s career includes positions as Vice President of Local Government Affairs for Comcast and Chief of Staff to the President of the Santa Clara County Board of ...Read more
Director of Research for the Data, EDUCAUSE Eden Dahlstrom is the Director of Research for the Data, Research, and Analytics unit at EDUCAUSE. She oversees research initiatives on the topics that matter most to the higher education IT community. She is also the principal investigator for the ...Read more
Executive Board Member, African American Male Education Network and Development Edward Bush received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from University of California Riverside, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino and his Ph.D. ...Read more
Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Vision International Inc. As CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc., Eldonna Lewis Fernandez dispenses leadership, negotiation and communication training to corporate clients and small business owners internationally. Her business is built on a 23-year career as a ...Read more
Science Director, The Greater Good Science Center Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas, Ph.D., is the science director of the Greater Good Science Center, where she oversees the GGSC’s fellowship program, is a co-instructor of its Science of Happiness online course, and helps run its Expanding Gratitude ...Read more
Professor of Mathematics, Pomona College Erica Flapan joined the faculty at Pomona College in 1986. Since 2006, she has been the Lingurn H. Burkhead Professor of Mathematics at Pomona College. In addition to teaching at Pomona College, Flapan has been teaching regularly at the Summer Mathematics ...Read more
Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) and Professor of English Education, Columbia University Ernest Morrell is the Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) and Professor of English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is also ...Read more
Pulitzer Price-Winning Columnist and The Washington Post and Political Analyst, MSNBC Gene Robinson has the ear of inside-the-beltway political insiders. With more than 25 years of reporting experience, his incisive political commentary is welcome on news programs such as MSNBC’s Hardball, The ...Read more