The OEI's Approach Toward Access and Equity in the Online Classroom

As part of the Online Education Initiative’s (OEI) continued efforts to improve student success and completion rates among online students, the OEI has made the commitment to develop effective success strategies for closing the online student equity gap among a widely diverse student population. This presentation from the 2017 OTC conference identifies strategies for online instructors to use in maximizing learning opportunities for all students. It discusses learning opportunities for students whose needs may not be fully met in traditional face-to-face learning settings and how the online...

Can 'Unconferences' Improve Online Pedagogy? A Case Study from Santa Barbara City College

While demand for online courses is booming, faculty often are isolated from one another and thus limited in their ability to share information about effective teaching strategies. This presentation from the 2017 OTC conference covers the development and outcomes of a one-day 'unconference' on online pedagogy held at Santa Barbara Community College in February 2017. Given the explicit desire to increase collaboration among faculty, the unconference model allowed participants to structure the agenda through suggestion workshop session topics and facilitating them independently.

Designing Your Online Student Services Support Centers

In spite of distance education being a thriving force for the past twenty years, its progress at many post-secondary education institutions has been challenged due to a lack of satisfactory online student support services. This presentation from the 2017 OTC Conference attends to the need of a student support services base that can suitably tend to the learning needs of students enrolled in distance education programs. Learn about the factors identified by the California Community College Online Education Initiative (OEI), that are called for in the design and development of services that can...

Working Together: Evolution of the Common Course Management System

Made available through the Online Education Initiative, Canvas was chosen as the Common Course Management System in early 2015. Since that time, over 90% of the California Community Colleges have chosen to adopt Canvas as their sole CMS provider. This presentation from the 2017 OTC conference highlights ways colleges are working in partnership with Canvas to evolve the overall CCMS experience. Also included are ideas about making your voice heard and counted as we continue down this path of collaboration and progression.

Achieving Dual Enrollment Success through Hybrid Courses

High schools are requesting dual enrollment courses from your college, but you currently don’t have a model for successfully fulfilling their requests. This presentation from the 2017 OTC conference shows how one college has increased its FTES and student success rates and maximized its human resources through its dual enrollment offerings. The model pairs a hybrid online delivery system with a daily high school support class. It is applicable across multiple disciplines and implementation blueprints have been developed for each entity involved. This conference presentation included the...

Humanized Online Learning

This presentation introduces a helpful framework to design and facilitate a humanized online course. Strategies for incorporating presence, empathy, and awareness into students’ learning are discussed in addition to how choice, challenge, control, collaboration, constructing meaning, and consequences can support the design of an active, student-centered learning environment. Supporting the presentation is a "goody bag" of related resources .

OEI Online Course Design Guide

@ONE, in partnership with the Online Education Initiative (OEI), has developed an Online Course Design Guide. You can bookmark the short URL, , for quick access. This resource is an open Canvas course that provides examples and helpful information for aligning course design in Canvas to the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric. The goal is to provide a collaborative resource that helps everyone implement design choices that enhance student success and assists those who are interested in aligning their course to the OEI Course Design Rubric to increase...

Going From Good To Great

Grossmont College’s Online Learning Initiative has met the unique demands of online learning by providing program infrastructure and properly equipping faculty to support student success. This presentation from the 2016 Online Teaching Conference features practical strategies shared by experts from this initiative that you can implement to address your college’s online learning program needs.

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Course

This presentation examines several strategies an instructor can use to stimulate critical thinking in an online environment. It further explores how curriculum can be enhanced by analyzing learning tasks and combining them with computer functions that deliberately promote critical thinking and develop higher order thinking skills. This presentation was featured at the 2016 Online Teaching Conference.